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Welcome to Big Oaks Rescue Farm

Founded by Joseph "Joe" Cleveland Mann

January 22, 1948 - October 25, 2016


My name is Joe Mann and I have a passion for saving animals. Founded in 2007, Big Oaks Rescue Farm is a South Carolina State Registered 501(c)3 Non Profit rescue and sanctuary dedicated to helping any animals in need. Our mission and purpose is to provide a rescue farm for animals that have been abused, neglected or rescued from euthanasia. We work diligently to provide them with a second chance of health, life, and a loving home.


Our second goal is to provide education and public awareness about animal care and animal welfare to our community. Through education, prevention of future abuse and neglect can be accomplished. Pictures of our efforts to educate the next generation are shown on The Kids page. Something magical happens when a child meets an animal.


Animal neglect and abuse is rampant. We are currently full and for the first time asking for help in fostering some animals to make room for more.


There is much to be learned from animals of all kinds. Within our history of photos, you will find many different types of animals, all who come to us with a story of their own. Please do not be alarmed when you see the ribs of a horse that indicate malnourishment, or the bandaged injuries of others. They come to us in all states of despair and some even healthy which have simply been abandoned.


If you are interested in adopting an animal, please email to schedule an appointment.

Big Oaks Rescue Farm operates solely from donations. Should you find it in your heart and within your budget to contribute to the success of our mission, we have provided a secure address and link below.


We hope you enjoy reviewing our website and the many success stories of finding animals loving, forever homes. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you!

Joe Mann

Mary Moss

April 19, 2022

Director of Big Oaks Rescue Farm, Mary Moss has been named to the prestigious Marquis’ “Who’s Who in America”.

With the help of many volunteers and generous donors, Mary has fulfilled Joe Mann's wish to continue helping animals of all kinds. 

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