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About Big Oaks

Founded by Joseph C. Mann

Registered with South Carolina Secretary of State as a Non-profit Corporation

A 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization


Our Mission

To rescue, care for, protect and advocate humane care for equines and farm animals in South Carolina.



  • Rescue: Provide shelter, care and food for rescued animals.

  • Educate public in kindness to animals and work with rescued animals

  • Find good homes for rescued animals when possible.

  • Advocate: To change the laws to protect animals.  

There are many equines and farm animals in South Carolina that have been starved, abused or neglected or are in danger of becoming so.  We provide a refuge for these animals We meet their physical needs, rehabilitate and provide positive human contact. Once rehabilitated, we try to find them responsible and caring homes.


We don't do it alone. People help us in many ways. Big Oaks Rescue Farm works with law enforcement, animal control and sometimes owners to rescue and transport animals to our farm.  Our organization is supported through donations of money, time, feed or materials, the help of Supporters in the community and elsewhere, and the contributions of our Volunteers.


We also conduct programs to educate the public about issues of equine and farm animal care.  




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