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You can help by sponsoring a horse at Big Oaks Rescue Farm or choose any one of the monthly needs to insure the best care possible for all the animals.


This is a terrific program for schools, businesses and church groups. Sponsor a horse or contribute to special needs and follow along to watch the progress of these gentle animals as their health improves. It is a remarkable transformation. You can sponsor any horse listed for Adoption. 


Sponsors provide critical aid for the horses while they rehabilitate and wait to be adopted by a loving home. Please consider being a Sponsor for Big Oaks Rescue Farm today.


All the animals thank you!


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Mindy was rescued very underweight and in serious need of Veterinary care. It will take a great deal of care and expense to get her back in good health.


Big Oaks Rescue Farm would greatly appreciate help with Mindy's care. Donate or contact Mary at 864-992-3570.

Thank you!

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On Jan 25, 2020 we picked Jennies who had been running free for 3 weeks, No one would claim them. They will be up for adoption after they have been fully evaluated.


This donkey is in very bad need of corrective farrier work. Please consider sponsoring this donkey to help with costs. Donate or contact Mary at 864-992-3570.

Thank you!

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We have 2 gelded Jacks available for adoption. Please call Mary if interested 864-992-3570. Must have proper pasture, shelter and able to provide farrier,veterinary care.

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