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The Humane Society of the United States ranked South Carolina 47th in laws protecting animals against abuses. -- citation Chain of Cruelty: Loose Animal Neglect Laws in SC. Scarpelli, Christine 7/18/2013


 See Animal Cruelty Laws by State


HSUS - Report Animal Cruelty




Contact at the National Level:  Caucus


At the State Level (SC)

Communicate concern about the lack of protection for animals in SC.  Support Senator Verdin, Representatives Taylor and Wells at  Support law enforcement and express your feelings concerning animal-related bills pending in the state legislature:


Email Members of the SC House and Senate 


Email Governor Nikki Haley or call the Governor's Office at 803-734-2100


S. 193 – Cruelty bill

Fines and jail times for cruelty offense would be increased, particularly after the 1st offense). Cruelty to animals defined as a felony to be punished by imprisonment of a minimum of 180 days and a fine of $5000.Sponsor: Senator Verdin


H. 3392 – Large-Scale Cruelty Seizures

 Fines and jail times in large-scale offenses would be increased, and felony provisions included.- Sponsors: House Reps. Bill Taylor and Wells


H. 3045 – Animal Abuse Registry


Convicted animal abusers would be required to register with the Sheriff within 10 days of moving to a county. Note that there is not yet a provision for an SLED registry page for convicted animal abusers web page as there is for sexual predators.



Sample message to Legislators

Please Strengthen Animal Cruelty Laws.  Vote to enforce and strengthen laws protecting animals from cruelty. Recently, many incidents of starvation and abuse of animals, particularly horses, have occurred in South Carolina. Many abusers are repeat offenders. Those found guilty should pay restitution for the animals' care. These incidents cost taxpayers money when the state is involved. Please act to break this pattern of abuse. Make large scale and deliberate cruelty to animals a felony with meaningful punishments.  Coordinate with the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus.


Create an animal abusers web site maintained by SLED, similar to that for Sex Offenders. Empower the police to assist animal control. Finally, support organizations that give these animals sanctuary as they are providing a public service.




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