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Volunteer with Big Oaks Rescue Farm

We could not possibly operate without our volunteers.  Their dedication to is vital to care for the animals and keep the farm going. We thank each and every one on a regular basis!


Volunteers at Big Oaks do many jobs according to interests and capabilities:  They may feed and care for the animals and learn about their nutritional and physical needs. They interact with visitors, participate in educational public events.  Some work remotely to maintain a website, update Facebook pages or gather information.  


Chores can include feeding, grooming, and holding animals for a vet or farrier.  Other activities include mowing, mending fences and stalls.  For some tasks, It is critical to attend schedules and complete chores.


Our volunteers are a community of helping friends.  If you are interested, consider volunteering. Experience is not necessary but love for animals, responsibility, and willingness to learn is important.   To inquire about volunteering, contact us through our Facebook page or through our Contact page.


Thank you!

We value and appreciate the service and tireless hours our volunteers devote to the animals' care and comfort.


Contributions of  photography skills  show the public all that Big Oaks Rescue Farm accomplishes on a daily basis. 


Photos by


Maria Mersman

Visually Yours Photography


Melissa Taylor Thomas

Twin Oaks Farm


Lisa M. Rogers

Shoot Y'all Photography


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